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how to display scatter in GUI?

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Muhammad RSMY
Muhammad RSMY on 28 Feb 2018
Edited: Muhammad RSMY on 28 Feb 2018
hi guys
please need help, how to disply 3D scatter in GUI


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Tamir Suliman
Tamir Suliman on 28 Feb 2018
do you need to plot it use the scatter3 command please post your code Reference below :

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Muhammad RSMY
Muhammad RSMY on 28 Feb 2018
Thanks for your comment Tamir Suliman
the code is working fine to display scatter3, but the problem when I built GUI its give an error
here is code
D = indata{1};
out3 = reshape(D,[mm,nn,k]);
idx = find(out3);
[X, Y, Z] = ind2sub(size(out3), idx);
pointsize = 40;
scatter3(X(:), Y(:), Z(:), pointsize, out3(idx),'square','filled');
colormap jet

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