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Need help with Wavelet Coherence(CWT)

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economystudent1 on 26 Mar 2018
Commented: economystudent1 on 27 Mar 2018
Hey guys,
I'm a finance student so I'm pretty new to all this. I have data and matlab code which I do not understand. Data contains returns from two financial instruments for each day (2012-2018).
This is the code I need to use (from Matlab website):
[wcoh,~,P,coi] = wcoherence(NIRSData(:,1),NIRSData(:,2),1/10,'dt',... 'numscales',16); helperPlotCoherence(wcoh,tm,P,coi,'Time (secs)','Periods (Seconds)');
This is the data I have:
And this is what I should get (it's an example with different variables):
Example's settings: The horizontal axis represents the time in terms of number of trading days while the vertical axis refers to the investment horizon (from scale 1 (2-4 days) up to scale 7 (256 days)).
Thanks in advance! :)


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Abhishek Ballaney
Abhishek Ballaney on 27 Mar 2018

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economystudent1 on 27 Mar 2018
Yes, I've seen that but I do not understand it. I'm pretty new to MatLab sorry.
Here is the complete Paper I'm referring to as an example(CWT, page 16-19):

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