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How to design a BAJA transmission system ?

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Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh on 31 Mar 2018
Commented: Suraj Singh on 10 Apr 2018
I am a beginner, I made this (attached simulink design pic ) while learning from other videos and some basic knowledge of the data. Can you help me with this ? How can I improve this system. (It is baja designed transmission system, consisting a engine, cvt and single reduction gearbox with no differential). I don't know about r port in "Variable transmission ratio" block. Here's a simulink file attached.

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Veer Alakshendra
Veer Alakshendra on 5 Apr 2018
Edited: Veer Alakshendra on 5 Apr 2018
The input to r port is the gear ratio as the function of time. In your model you have used a signal builder block to represent gear ratio as a function of time which is a correct approach. Just make sure that you have taken the correct gear ratio.
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Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh on 10 Apr 2018
I have tried giving a contant value to the ratio (r port of VTR), but results are not showing up.

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