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C Simon
C Simon on 10 Apr 2018
Commented: Von Duesenberg on 11 Apr 2018
Hello, I am new to EEGlab and would love to find out how to first view some basic statistics about a recording. The recording was done with only one person watching a presentation for 45 minutes and wearing an Emotiv Epoc headset (14 channels). I performed all the steps I read in the EEGlab manual, such as setting channel locations, applying filters, removing ICA (not sure if I need to re-reference?). For this initial study, I did not add any particular events, it was mostly exploratory, I wanted to see the predominant brain waves and how they change as the presentation progresses. So my questions are: how do I find out answers to basic questions such as: what was the dominant brain wave for the participant during the 45 minutes? Were they mostly in a theta state, alpha, something else? And are there some simple ways in which I can tell at what points there were any important oscillations? Or whether specific areas were "coupled"? Or any other basic questions and answers I can find in the absence of setting particular events? Thank you so much!

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Von Duesenberg
Von Duesenberg on 10 Apr 2018
You can start with simple spectrograms and then move to coherence analysis, there's an example here if you have the wavelet toolbox:
Regarding your other questions, you should read the literature as well as introductory textbooks. Good luck!
C Simon
C Simon on 11 Apr 2018
Thank you so much! Are there any introductory textbooks you recommend?
Von Duesenberg
Von Duesenberg on 11 Apr 2018
As I mentioned in a previous answer, the book by S.J Luck is quite good although, if I remember well, it does not cover time-frequency analysis in depth. Analyzing neural time series data by Mike Cohen is worth reading as well (and it contains Matlab code if I'm not mistaken).

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