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Join dots in binary image.

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khushboo chhikara
khushboo chhikara on 3 May 2018
I want to remove that one dot and join the curve points. tried medfilt2() but not getting the desired ouput.


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Alfonso on 3 May 2018


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Alfonso on 3 May 2018
Make sure in your removeBlob.m in the first line you are reading 'sc.png', also make sure you are working on a recent version of matlab. Then write in your command window
See if it works and select the blob you want to delete. After execute
If this does not work I am not quite sure of what might be happening; works fine here.
In case it does not work, I have attached the binary image without the blob as new_I.mat
Guillaume on 3 May 2018
getting this error!
And the error message explains clearly what the problem is:
Expected input number 2 to match one of these values:
The input, 'holes ' did not match any of the valid values
Error in removeBlob
I = bwlabel(imfill(I>0, 'holes '));
The option is 'holes' not 'holes '. Get rid of that extra space and learn to read the error message.
khushboo chhikara
khushboo chhikara on 3 May 2018
Can we do it without clicking on the blob ? Isn't there is any other way to do it without making a function. And yes kindly help me with this --

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