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simmechanics joint initial condition tunable parameter

Asked by Guoping Zhao on 7 May 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Guoping Zhao on 2 Apr 2019
Is it possible to configure initial conditions of joint block (e.g. initial position, velocity) as tunable parameters? I'm running the simulink model in Rapid mode. I need to configure the joint initial states as tunable parameters so that I don't have to rebuild the whole model every time I change the initial conditions.


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Answer by Steve Miller on 2 Apr 2019

Yes, you can. The initial conditions can be configured to be run-time parameters so that you can modify them between simulation runs without compiling.

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Hi Steve,
Could you be more specific? I'm using Matlab 2018b. And I cannot find the way to configure the initial conditions of joint blocks to be run-time parameters.

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