How do I fit an ellipse to a partial ellipse image?

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I have a binary image which contains a part of an ellipse. Now, I would like to fit an ellipse to this data:
I have tried regionprops, but this doesn't work because it doesn't contain a
whole ellipse:
How can I fit an ellipse following the borders of the partial ellipse image?
It would be even better to separate the binary image in a left and right part and fitting two separate ellipses for the left and right part.
Any help is appreciated.

Answers (2)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 May 2018
Be sure to remove any points where y = 1 or y = the number of rows in the image because you do not want to include the flat top and bottom in the fit.

Michal on 18 May 2022
I've use this one from Matlab File Exchange in the past and it worked nicely
kudos to Ohad Gal for this one :)

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