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How to reconnect the TCP/IP connection on Raspberry Pi

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I am trying to establish an ethernet connection between Raspberry Pi(Server) and Arduino(Client). I am using ethernet sheild on the Arduino and inbuilt ethernet port of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Raspberry Pi is been programmed using Simulink and Arduino with the Arduino IDE. As the Simulink model starts running, the connection gets established and the data is transferred from client to server without any hassle. When the ethernet cable from the Arduino end is disconnected the arduino tries to reconnect on every cycle of the loop. On failure, an error message is displayed. When the ethernet cable is connected back, the connection between the Arduino client and Raspberry Pi Server is reconnected and can be seen on the Arduino end. But the raspberry pi does not get any latest data from the arduino. Is there something I am missing to set in the Simulink that refreshes the connection in raspberry pi.

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