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I am trying to output multiple images to one pdf page, anyone have an idea of how to do it?

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set(figure(4),'Units','inches'); image_size=get(figure(4), ) set(figure(4),'PaperSize',[8.5 11]); screenposition = get(figure(4),'Position'); set(figure(4),'PaperPosition',[0 0 screenposition(3:4)]); set(figure(4),'PaperPositionMode','Manual') print -dpdf -painters epsFig

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MUHAMMED IRFAN on 14 Jun 2018
Edited: MUHAMMED IRFAN on 14 Jun 2018
Why dont you create a subplot of your images and then sent that subplot to the pdf ??
The code I tried goes like this ...
I1 = imread(<my first image>);
I2 = imread(<my second image>);
figID = figure;
print(figID, '-dpdf', sprintf('myPDF.pdf'));

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