arduino target with interrupt and i2c comunication

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walter on 13 Jun 2012
Answered: phil on 24 Jun 2014
I'm Walter Miani, an italian student of electronic engineering from the University of Udine. Actually i'm studying at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Here I'm working on the master thesis (end of the fifth year) and I'm using the Arduino Target library in my work. I'm having some troubles with it. I would like to improve the Arduino Target library adding some new features, like a block that implements the External Interrupt (so adding the fetch_interrupt() function). Another important question is about adding a IC2 communication in the library to work with robots. Can it be done in some way? Can you explain me how could I do this, or anyway, how to "create" a new block for the library compiling arduino code (I've also problems in compiling new arduino code with matlab )?
Every part of software that i will produce will certainly be disponibilized to be downloaded!

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Christopher on 9 Jul 2012
Hey Walter,
have you found a solution for this two problems. Especially the I²C communication is something I'm interested in.
Ciao, Chris

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Jul 2012
I2C is a bit of a challenge. It is not physically compatible with anything normally found on a PC. There has been some discussion in the past; see i2c. The HC12 related posting has a link to a description of a number of busses.
There is a Simulink block for I2C but it only supports one model of one adapter.

fox tan
fox tan on 14 Sep 2013
when I use arduino board with simulink to control a IGBT.I have to use a interrupt block of arduino, but I do not know how to create it , I did not found in ay arduino package. who know it , who can give some help, thanks

phil on 26 Feb 2014
I am stuck at the same problem! i have tried using the S function builder and was able to successfully send data over I2C to another arduino that i programmed with the regular arudino ide using the " Wire.onReceive(receiveEvent); // register event"
i simply can not figure out to make this work in Simulink. I would be thankful for any help.

Useok on 29 May 2014
How did you implemented interrupt with Simulink?

phil on 24 Jun 2014
stuck on the same problem...cmon matlab!


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