How can I put data into cell array at once time?

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I am beginner in Matlab.
I know cell function create m-by-n cell array.
For example, temp=cell(1,10) command create cell array of 1-by-10.
I have a question here.
I'd like to put data of 10 into cell array simultaneously.(ex. not to temp(1)=1, temp(2)=3,..temp(10)=2)
Which command can I use if I set the data at cell array at the same time.
I need your help, please.

Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 14 Jun 2012
temp = cell(1,10);
temp([1,2,10]) = {1,3,2}
other way
temp = num2cell([1:9,2]);
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Haksun Lee
Haksun Lee on 15 Jun 2012
I resolved my problem thanks to your help.
Have a nice day!

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