Exporting/extracting field from figure property editor

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The property editor for figures is very useful and I use it a lot.
Often it occurs to me that I would like to add the adjustment of a certain property right into my code, to avoid the need to redo the modification manually, once the figure gets re-generated.
Therefore, I tried to use the "File > Generate Code..." menu entry to export the code of a figure, where I put the label of the x axis lower than what is normally used.
This indeed generates the code, but I can't find the property I edited (position of x axis label) nowhere in the generated code.

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James Clinton
James Clinton on 24 Jul 2018
Edited: James Clinton on 24 Jul 2018
You can get the Position of the xlabel by using the get function on the figure handle and its properties, as in the following:
h = gcf; % get current figure handle
axObjs = get(h, 'Children'); % gets axes properties
label = get(axObjs, 'Xlabel'); % gets xlabel properties
pos = get(label, 'Position'); % returns the location of the x axis label
Additionally, you can set the property via the following:
h.Children.XLabel.Position = [x y z];
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Nicolas Bourbaki
Nicolas Bourbaki on 25 Jul 2018
Thanks a lot for your quick answer. It helps me a lot, because it shows the underlying system, which can be used to edit also other properties of other objects.

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