How to load thinkgear library and thinkgear.dll to matlab?

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Isuru Thiwanka
Isuru Thiwanka on 17 Aug 2018
Answered: Anna Case on 3 Aug 2021
I wanna to interface neurosky mindwave headset with matlab. I already istalled the thinkgear connecter to C drive. In C drive I could see a thinkgear.dll in "C:\Program Files (x86)\NeuroSky\ThinkGear Connector\ThinkGear Connector" address. There is no any thinkgear.dll file in "C:\Users\W.L Isuru\Documents\MATLAB". How I can load thinkgear library/thinkgear.dll/thinkgear.h file to matlab. Where it available? Is there any library called thinkgear in web to download? Please help me..I am doing a mind controlled wheel chair..So I wanna to conncet neurosky mindwave headset to the matlab..
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Suryana Fauzi
Suryana Fauzi on 16 Jun 2021
Did you get how to solve? because I'm also do this project and I don't know how to connect it. i got the problem for connection. can you email me ?

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Anna Case
Anna Case on 3 Aug 2021
You have the *.dll downloaded, so you will just need to point MATLAB to the *.dll directory as well as the include/ files (the *.h files necessary). The documentation for loading C libraries can be found here: C Libraries in MATLAB. If the library is not in C, please click the back button to view "External Language Interfaces."

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