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Changing StartTime of Protected Model

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I'm trying to edit the simulation start time (for the solver) of a protected model. I tried setting the value of the start time as a tunable variable but that didn't work.
Can I actually edit the start time after I creat the protected model? if yes, how?


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Sambit Senapati
Sambit Senapati on 3 Sep 2018
Edited: Sambit Senapati on 3 Sep 2018
The Simulink software stores the protected model as a compiled MEX binary. Hence it is not possible to change any solver configuration once you generate a protected model. This is by design and an expected behavior of protected models.

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Mohammad Hukan
Mohammad Hukan on 3 Sep 2018
Thank you Sambit, I have been in contact with Mathworks technical support and they told me so. We are trying to figure out a workaround.
Thanks again :)
Regards, Mohammad

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