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What is the difference between Simulink Test toolbox and Simulink Design Verifier toolbox

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I am working as Software developer since last few years. I need some expert's advise in testing the model on Matlab environment. For model based testing (MIL + SIL), I was planning to use Simulink design Verifier. Later I found one more toolbox i.e. Simulink Test. I have read the overview section of both the toolbox but not able to understand what is the difference between them. Can someone explain me what is the difference between these two toolboxes 'Simulink Test' and 'Simulink Design Verifier' ?
Also, Let me know if someone has used either of these toolboxes and share me your experience with these toolboxes.
Thanks! Shiva

Accepted Answer

Prahladavaradan Sampath
Prahladavaradan Sampath on 11 Nov 2018
At a high-level Simulink Test helps you manage existing tests and test-suites, and Simulink Design Verifier helps in analyzing a model and automatically generating tests, identifying design errors, and proving properties.
Prahladavaradan Sampath
Prahladavaradan Sampath on 12 Nov 2018
When SLDV generates test-cases, there is an option to generate expected outputs for the generated test-cases -- the option name is DVSaveExpectedOutput and you can find it in the configuration parameters dialog under Design Verifier -> Results -> Include expected output values. I assume you are planning to use this in some form of equivalence testing or baseline testing?
You can also export SLDV generated test-cases to Simulink Test. If you have asked SLDV to generated expected outputs, the exported test-case is created as a baseline test.

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