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Sensor Fusion using Kalman Filter + Simulink

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Gustavo on 31 Aug 2018
Commented: Gustavo on 11 Sep 2018
I am trying to simulate an example explained on the website Part 14. On this example, the author is fusion two noisy temperature measurements in order to get a filtered one using Kalman filters.
The example is simple and very well done by the author but I am facing some difficulties to implement that on Simulink.
Here is a picture of my model (I also attached the slx file):
And this is the error:
I appreciate any help !! Thanks !!


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Accepted Answer

Sambit Senapati
Sambit Senapati on 10 Sep 2018
Kalman filter block doesn't have the capability to do sensor fusion. Instead of Kalman filter block use Extended kalman filter (EKF). Multi-sensor example : this example showcases how extended kalman filter is used for sensor fusion.

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Gustavo on 11 Sep 2018
Thanks for you help !
I tried what you said and it seems to be correct now. I am still new to Kalman Filters to say it is 100% correct but I got similar results comparing to the website I was referencing to.
I attached the model in case someone wants to check it out !!!!

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