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Hello everybody! I am using regexprep to replace a set of characters in a text file.
For example: I am trying to replace +, - , /, ) , (| occurences in my text file with |€. so i used the following code
fid = fopen('repSymbols.txt','wt');
inData = fileread('equations');
But when I use this, it also replaces the occurences of dot . in the file. I don't want the dots to be replaced. Any idea on this?

Accepted Answer

OCDER on 6 Sep 2018
The ")-/" term in the pattern search is actually interpretted as all characters from ")" to "/". So it's the following:
ans =
Therefore the expanded search pattern does include the ".".
To fix this, use the escape character "\" before the character "-" like this:
inData = '=+)-/(...';
regexprep(inData,'[=+)-/(]','€') %Incorrect
ans =
regexprep(inData,'[=+)\-/(]','€') %Correct
^ add this \
ans =

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