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Can someone point me to a brushless DC generator model (not motor)?

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Hwel on 6 Sep 2018
Commented: Hwel on 12 Sep 2018
Driving the mechanical port of the AC7 model generates output on the electrical lines, but the output does not correspond to how a generator works. (For example, increasing the ohmic value of the electrical port load increases the power through the load, exponentially.) I suspect the model is only designed to be a motor, not generator. Is there a generator model available modeling a three phase brushless DC motor (of a few hundred watts)? I need to model a BLDC motor braking a mechanical load, using electrical resistance connected to the motor coils. Thanks.


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Sambit Senapati
Sambit Senapati on 12 Sep 2018
AC7 is BLDC motor drive not a BLDC motor model. You need to use one of the following:
  • FEM-parameterized PMSM of Simscape
  • Surface Mount PMSM of Powertrain blockset
  • Interior PMSM of Powertrain blockset
  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine from simscape/power systems/specialized technology/machines

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Hwel on 12 Sep 2018
Yes, thank you for your response. I found the PMSM of Simscape and it does perform properly in generator mode. Apparently the drive circuitry in the AC7 model fouls generator mode, though looking at the circuit it should work. So, I'm using the AC7 block as a motor, and PMSM as a generator.

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