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There is no GUI in Matlab 2018a just AppDesigner?

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I got used to GUI in Matlab 2017b and now I changed to 2018a but there I don't see any GUIDE just AppDesigner and it is quite annoying to get used to that after I have been using GUIDE all the time....
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Stephen23 on 11 Sep 2018
Edited: Stephen23 on 11 Sep 2018
There is most definitely a MATLAB GUI in R2018a, because GUI means Graphical User Interface and is a generic term used for all applications that use an graphical interface, which MATLAB certainly has.
If you want to create your own GUI, then MATLAB has several ways to interactively create GUI's, such as GUIDE and AppDesigner:
Experienced MATLAB users generally prefer writing GUI's programmatically:

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OCDER on 10 Sep 2018
Are you sure there's no GUIDE? I don't see any log saying they removed it.
There is also a support package to help you convert GUIDE code to AppDesigner code. Read the release notes.

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ALaa on 17 Dec 2022


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