Switch off auto mess-up of block name display

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Robert on 26 Sep 2018
Answered: Robert on 26 Nov 2018
Since some time Simulinks block display option has the "auto"-setting. To me it's absolutely useless, as we model following MAAB rules, meaning: show blocknames if they contain specific information, otherwise hide them. But as we have our own set of allowed blocks with MAAB conform standard parameters to copy from in the library, this should not affect us much. But somehow, when copying blocks with name display set to "on", the Simulink editor automatically messes it up to "auto". Is this a bug? Or is this actually intended and can i switch it of somehow? I tried with disabling "smart editing" features, but still the same mess. (I actually tried with R2018b, but the release selection only allows R2018a)
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Robert on 27 Sep 2018
The mess obviously roots much deeper. When you try to remove (by script) the "auto"-stuff forced into your model, you end up getting wrong information from Simulink-API. A get_param(hBlk,'ShowName') delivers 'on' while ContextMenue->"Format"->"Show Block Name" shows a selected "Auto" option. Is it really necessary to pester developers with useless features in every new release? And on the other hand really annoying bugs like the Highlighting-Colours-become-Regular-Block-Colours haven't been removed for about two decades of Simulink development. This is really annoying!

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Robert on 26 Nov 2018
in order to be able to patronise all users into the "auto" name display feature, an extra parameter has been added, "HideAutomaticName". Like this it was possible to force this feature on each and every block converted with a model from older versions without manipulating the "ShowName" property.
If you want to see blocknames exactly where you configured them to show up rather than to see some somewhere sometimes on undocumented basis, use:
and take care to run it on all your libraries as well.

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