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how to use multiple function like mean and sum in cellfun at same time?

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Hi, i have a 30x1 cell array with nx4 cell. I want to perform mean on 2nd and 3rd column of nx4 and find sum of 4th column of nx4. i tried using B = cellfun(@mean,A,'UniformOutput',false); but it gave me mean for all columns in nx4.

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OCDER on 9 Oct 2018
B = cellfun(@(x) [mean(x(:, 2:3), 1) sum(x(:, 4), 1)], A, 'UniformOutput', false);
you'll get a 30x1 cell containing a 1x3 matrix in each cell of
[mean of 2nd column, mean of 3rd column, sum of 4th column]


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