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slow perfomance if network directories are in path

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Björn Rumberg
Björn Rumberg on 26 Oct 2018
Answered: Mathias on 16 Apr 2021
I add several network directories to the path during startup.
If network is not very very good, Matlab performance is dramatically reduced. Each input in the command window takes several seconds. Even if it is just a simple calculation like 1+1. I got the feeling that Matlab is searching the whole path before executing the input. This takes some time due to bad network performance.
Is there any option to increase performance? Such as caching all m files in the path?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Oct 2018
I suspect that the basic problem is that MATLAB automatically checks directories on the path for changed files when it gets to the command prompt. The standard toolboxes are exempt as those are not expected to change.
Be sure to avoid having a network drive open in the directory window.

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Answers (1)

Mathias on 16 Apr 2021
I don't have network pathes in path but tried to check network pathes for existence (i.e. \\device\folders). If the device is not existent it takes around 45sec to check this. After some readings i found a fast solution to get this information. This can be used to deselect invalid pathes for search.
% check for existence of devices
devexists = true;
dev = regexp(pathname, '(?<=^\\\\)[^\\]+(?=\\)', 'ignorecase', 'once', 'match'); % device name
if any(dev)
[~, txt] = dos(['nslookup "' dev '"']);
if any(strfind(txt, 'Non-existent domain'))
devexists = false;

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