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How to split symbolic output string into multiple lines?

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I am using the Symbolic Toolbox to solve a simple ODE that yields the following very long one-liner equation: 25*exp(-alpha*t) + exp(-alpha*t)*(400*heaviside(t - 5)*exp(alpha*t) - 25*heaviside(t) + 2000*heaviside(t - 10)*exp(alpha*t) - 2400*heaviside(t - 12)*exp(alpha*t) - 400*heaviside(t - 5)*exp(5*alpha) - 2000*heaviside(t - 10)*exp(10*alpha) + 2400*heaviside(t - 12)*exp(12*alpha) + 25*exp(alpha*t)*heaviside(t) + (80*heaviside(t))/alpha + (80*exp(alpha*t)*heaviside(t)*(alpha*t - 1))/alpha - (80*heaviside(t - 5)*exp(alpha*t)*(alpha*t - 1))/alpha - (200*heaviside(t - 10)*exp(alpha*t)*(alpha*t - 1))/alpha + (200*heaviside(t - 12)*exp(alpha*t)*(alpha*t - 1))/alpha + (80*heaviside(t - 5)*exp(5*alpha)*(5*alpha - 1))/alpha + (200*heaviside(t - 10)*exp(10*alpha)*(10*alpha - 1))/alpha - (200*heaviside(t - 12)*exp(12*alpha)*(12*alpha - 1))/alpha)
I would like to first split the equation into multiple lines, as shown above. (In the command window, the same equation appears in one long line).
Then I'd like to convert the multi-line output to Tex or Latex for insertion into a Word document (with MathType).

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Aiswarya on 3 Jan 2024
Hi Sree,
You can use ellipsis(…) to split long equations into multiple lines as follows :
This can be used for any statement.
For getting the LaTeX format, since this a symbolic equation you can use the 'latex' function ( You can save your equation in a variable and use 'latex()' on it.
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 3 Jan 2024
You seem to have misunderstood the question.
The expression given by OP is an output from the code, it's not an input.

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