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Can't open Model Configuration Parameters GUI

Asked by Philipp Hansmann on 29 Oct 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Philipp Hansmann on 4 Apr 2019
Recently, when i try to open the Model Configuration Parameters of a Simulink Model, i get this Message instead:
An unexpected error occurred while creating the Configuration Parameters Dialog. This might be caused by functions in your MATLAB path that shadow built-in MATLAB functions.
Undefined variable "coder" or class "coder.dictionary.internal.StepFunctionMapping.isStepFcnPrototypePresent".
file: D:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2018b\toolbox\shared\configset\+configset\+internal\+custom\modelRefRootInputs_status.p
name: modelRefRootInputs_status
line: 0
I checked for other files with the name 'modelRefRootInputs_status.p' and reinstalled 2018b. I have never written any .p-file that could shadow the named file, nor have i downloaded any custom toolboxes. The Search Path is set to default. It seems only to apply to models that use Simscape Multibody.


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Answer by Steve Miller on 2 Apr 2019
 Accepted Answer

  1. Does this apply to shipping demonstration models in Simulink?
  2. Does this apply to shipping demonstration models in Simscape?
  3. Does this apply to shipping demonstration models in Simscape Multibody?
If any of these are true, you probably have an installation issue. You will need to contact technical support, or simply try reinstalling.

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Thanks for your answer.
The Problem was that the .mdl-file(s) were corrupt. I solved this by simply copying the content to a new created .mdl-file. Unfortunately the solver configurations were lost but that's rather a minor problem.

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