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How to display very clearly CT image in Mathlab?Any suggestion?

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Mohamad Ajam
Mohamad Ajam on 5 Nov 2018
Commented: Mohamad Ajam on 8 Nov 2018
I tried to use imshow but did not display clearly CT image attached so I tried imagesc, it is better but also not satisfying. I read many answers to similar question but did not get the point. Appreciate the help.
info = dicominfo('C:\Users\Mohammed Ajam\Desktop\CT01163NO.dcm');
I = dicomread(info);
figure,imagesc(I,[-1300 1300]);


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Mohamad Ajam
Mohamad Ajam on 7 Nov 2018
Thanks for reply. I used them first but could not see any details of image it is almost gray color inside brain so I started to change the values to be -1300 to 1300 it is better but still not clear.
Jan on 8 Nov 2018
Which values do you get for max1 and min1? Can you post a screenshot of the histogram? I cannot download and process the data by my own currently.

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jonas on 8 Nov 2018
Edited: jonas on 8 Nov 2018
Perhaps this will solve your problem,

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Mohamad Ajam
Mohamad Ajam on 8 Nov 2018
I used imshow(I,[]) first but image was not clear no details.

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