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How to speed up simulink simulation including a simscape model ?

Asked by lady bird on 6 Nov 2018
Latest activity Answered by Steve Miller on 1 Apr 2019
Hello all;
How to change simulation frequency in a simulink model that includes a simscape multibody structure ?
Currently, i'm using variable-step solver ; with ODE 45. Relative tolerance 1e-3 time tolerance 10*128*eps algorithm adaptive
Because two slow i cannot see the motion in the mechanics explorer
Thank you Sincerely yours

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I would suggest you first use the solver profiler to look for potential causes of slow simulation.

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Answer by Steve Miller on 1 Apr 2019

The solver profiler is a good option. It is very difficult to give general guidance as all models are different and have their own needs. Look at this video:
Settings you can try:
  1. Try solver ode23t
  2. Set your Zero-Crossing Algorithm back to non-adaptive and pay close attention to the diagnostics. If you need Adaptive for a Simscape Multibody model, you likely have some redundant zero-crossings that are making the step size quite small.


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