How to do probalistic routing in Simulink/Simevents?

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I'm looking for a way to take a single input, and then based on statistics, route that signal to different blocks. For example, signal A has a 70% chance of going to Block 1, and a 30% chance of going to Block 2. So when running the model many times, sometimes the signal will take one route and sometimes another. How can I do this? Is there a way to associate probabilities with lines/branches? Thanks so much, N

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Albert Yam
Albert Yam on 5 Jul 2012
Have you tried a Random Number block, with a switch.
Sebastian Stankiewicz
Sebastian Stankiewicz on 7 Aug 2017
Could you possibly send an example of how you did this? How could you control the probability of an event using the RN generator? Also, how did you route the entity based on the attribute?

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Marco Fanti
Marco Fanti on 16 Jan 2019
get a probability vector, like
D= [1 0.2 ; 2 0,5 ; 3 0,3];
the first column contains the port you wanna send the entity to, the second one the probability
sort it so to have the greatest probability at the bottom and call it with a different name like
Ds= [1 0.2 ; 3 0.3 ; 2 0.5];
now set the output switch as swtich from attribute
in in a block that preceeds the outputswitch type in this code as event action
for i=1:size(Ds,1)
if rnum<=sum(Ds(1:i,2))


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