Using Regex to get strings with whitespace within them.

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Hey guys,
I want to use Regex to acquire some ID's in a cellstring array, the array looks like this:
myString = '(['US04650Y1001', 'US90274P3029', 'US4385161066', 'HON WI', 'US41165F1012', 'US30151E8553', 'US43940T1097', 'US4405431069'])';
My pattern for regex is as follows:
pattern = '[A-Za-z0-9.^_]+';
newArr = regexp(myString, pattern,'match');
I'd like to get the ID called 'HON WI', but with my current pattern, its splitting it into two because of my strings. I would like to get the whole "HON WI", as well as my other strings, everything that's in '', these might have special characters like ^, . or _, but I don't know how to add the whitespace.
Any help is appreciated :)

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 27 Nov 2018
white space in regular expression is \s
Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 28 Nov 2018
what is your expected output for this input string? What is your logic?

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carlos edurdo condori ochoa
If you only expected one white space in the middle of the strings then this code should work
myString = ['US04650Y1001', "US90274P3029", "US4385161066", "HON WI", "US41165F1012", "US30151E8553", "US43940T1097", "US4405431069"];
regexp(myString,"\w+\^?\.?\,?\s?\w+","match") % We say: It could exist zero or one ocurrence of White space
If there is more than one then use \s*, well all deppends on the text characters that you expect to exist, the ocurrence what goes first or if it could be totally random.


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