Can I use hexa address like '0xF2' value in Matlab?

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Haksun Lee
Haksun Lee on 12 Jul 2012
Hi guys all...
I am programming about serial communication..
I wandering if I can use hexa address like '0xF2' value such as c code.
For example, refer to following.
Like above, can I use hexa address like '0xF2' value in Matlab?
Also how can I get bit stream data through serial communication.

Answers (3)

Jan on 12 Jul 2012
sscanf('F2', '%x') is much faster than hex2dec.

Mike Hosea
Mike Hosea on 12 Jul 2012
Don't know anything about the second question. As to the first, because MATLAB does not have a hex format in the language, you have to use strings and hex2dec. For example,
if ch == hex2dec('F2')
data(1) = ch;
elseif ch == hex2dec('F6')
data(2) = ch;
Obviously it would be a little more efficient in MATLAB just to use the decimal values and put the hex values in a comment.
if ch == 242 % 0xF2
data(1) = ch;
elseif ch == 246 % 0xF6
data(2) = ch;

Haksun Lee
Haksun Lee on 13 Jul 2012
Thank you for letting me know...
Have a nice day!!

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