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Is anyone out there using Matlab in the arts?

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I use Matlab to make videos, movies, sound and music, and graphic designs. I would like to put some of my work on the web, but this appears to be impossible without the Matlab compiler and other tools. Most of my work has some degree of interactivity, which appears to be difficult, if not impossible, to implement in HTML5 and Javascript. I'd like to hear from anyone who has relevant experience.
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Jan on 11 Jan 2019
All you can do in Matlab can be done in JavaScript/HTML5 also. So what exactly is "difficult"? What does "impossible without the Matlab compiler" mean? That the problem is solved, if you use the compiler? Then why not using the compiler?
What exactly are "relevant experiences"? This is hard to find out based on the vague description of the porblem.

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OCDER on 11 Jan 2019
Edited: OCDER on 11 Jan 2019
I believe the issue is that the Matlab Compiler license is many thousands of dollars... Plus, Stuart probably needs the other toolbox like the Production Server.
I wish MathWorks made the compiler come with a full version of Matlab, or at least a more reasonable price for home users. Read:
Stuart, unless you're loaded with cash and want the compiler license, begin the process of painfully translating Matlab codes to ones you can use in the web. Otherwise, you'd need the standard matlab license $2200 + Compiler $X000? + Production Server $X000?, so close to $10K.
My relevant experience is: Matlab is great for protyping software, horrible for web-deployment unless you have serious $$$. That's why I learned Java. With Matlab, even after spending $$$ for Compiler, you'll have platform-dependent issues, as in you must compile Matlab in linux, windows, and mac versions (3 compiles) if you want many users to use your binary files directly. That means, you'll need a virtual machine to have MacOS, Linux, and Windows installed, with 3 installations of Matlab, with the same version of course so that the MCR library version works.
To put it on the web, you'll either have to have a docker container run the binary file, or, pay more for that Production Server license. The docker option has drawbacks, as in when the user access the binary file, there is a loading time to link the MCR to the binary everytime, like the delay in starting a new Matlab session.

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