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Update Matlab's font list

Asked by Andreas Sprenger on 18 Feb 2019
Latest activity Answered by Andreas Sprenger on 20 Feb 2019
I have a font installed which I modified and updated in the system (windows). For some reason MATLAB will not update the font and even if I delete it completely from the system fonts, Matlab will still be able to use it. My aim is to change the font in the code editor to a more specialized font (source code pro).
How does one tell Matlab to update the version of a font or the complete font list?


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2 Answers

Star Strider
Answer by Star Strider
on 18 Feb 2019

There are a few font utilities in MATLAB. See the documentation on the listfonts (link) function, and links to related functions. I am not certain that you can alter them or thier properties through MATLAB.
There are also version differences. This seems to work correctly in R2018b, although it did not in earlier versions, and simply gave a standard list of fonts, not all the fonts installed on the computer (at least with respect to Windows systems).


Thanks for the reply.
I tried a lot using listfonts (and related functions) but did not succeed. Then I de-installed Matlab and installed the current version (R2018b with Update 2) but the problem remains.
I was searching for an entry in the registry but could not find anything. Where does Matlab/java get the information of installed fonts on the system from and where is the information stored?
Finally I used java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment and java.awt.Font and tried to modify/register the current fonts. Unfortunately there is - at least to me - no way to clear the font list.
So, the solution is: format C:, i.e. completely new installation of windows :-(
Or do you have any other (java?) code for a workaround?
Star Strider
on 20 Feb 2019
My pleasure.
I suggest you use the Contact Us link at the top right corner of this page and discuss it with MathWorks directly.

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Answer by Andreas Sprenger on 20 Feb 2019

Copying the ttf files worked.


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