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Simscape Generic Engine Not Working

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There is an issue in my model. I am trying to use the generic engine to power my vehicle system but it always ended up giving me zero torque regardless the changes I did in the parameters. I followed the simscape tutorial ,Student Competition: Physical Modeling Training. I still cannot make the engine work.
Attached hereby my files. And hopefully will hear from you soon.
Best regards
Wei Kang
Adhip Shukla
Adhip Shukla on 13 Oct 2019
Hi Tatyana
I am also facing the same problrm. Did you get the solution to your above problem ? please help me out if you get its solution.

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Accepted Answer

Veer Alakshendra
Veer Alakshendra on 13 Mar 2019
Edited: Veer Alakshendra on 13 Mar 2019
Hi Wei,
Thanks for reaching out and sharing the models with us.
We just checked your model. While using 'Generic Engine Block', it's important to define the 'Engine inertia' and 'Initial velocity' as these parameters account for the dynamics of the engine. Please specify these values, and you will get the required torque.
Veer Alakshendra
Veer Alakshendra on 31 Oct 2019
Hello Adhip,
As you said, with the torque source your model works fine. It means the drivline and the vehicle dynamics is correct. Further, when you add the engine it doesn't work. Please note that when you add the engine you need to do a bit of tuning of engine parameters, throttle input, and gear ratio to ensure that the angular velocity doesn't exceed the maximum speed. In tried my hand and here are the tuned values of some of the parameters:
  • Throttle value initial input=0.05
  • Simple gear ratio=5
Once you input these values, you can see the results are perfect. I have attached the modified model.
Let me know if this is helpful.

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Ziad Elsheikh
Ziad Elsheikh on 19 Dec 2020
i have the same issue with generic engine. also i defined most of the parameter ( leaving the unkown ones default) and just simply connecting it to a ideal torque source to load the engine. however, The output power is always "Zero".
thank in advance if any could help me

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