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Can't download this on to simulink.

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Jessica Sheridan
Jessica Sheridan on 27 Mar 2019
Commented: Jessica Sheridan on 30 Mar 2019
Vehicle in Simscape Driveline and Simulink Link:
It has a button that says try this is in matlab but, when I click it. It gives a link to type in matlab. I enter the link in matlab command window like it says and i get nothing. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

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Arvind Sathyanarayanan
Arvind Sathyanarayanan on 29 Mar 2019
What happens when you type it in the command window and press enter?
If you get this: Undefined function or variable 'sdl_vehicle_sdl_and_sl'., then it means you're either in the wrong version of Matlab or you don't have the right toolboxes.
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Jessica Sheridan
Jessica Sheridan on 30 Mar 2019
Aaahh thank you. I will check the toolboxes. That maybe the problem. I checked the Matlab version and that is fine. Didnt think I could be missing a toolbox.

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