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Use MATLAB on local ThingSpeak server

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James Guang
James Guang on 31 Mar 2019
Answered: James Guang on 18 Apr 2019
We plan to build a web applicaiton inside coporate LAN using local installed ThingSpeak server. The questions are:
  1. Do we have to buy MATLAB license in order to use MATLAB functions within ThingSpeak server?
  2. What kind of MATLAB functions are supported for local Thingspeak server? Are all MATLAB functions supported?
  3. What kind of MATLAB Toolboxes are ThingSpeak server support? It is better to know it before buying an appropriate toolebox license so we do not waste money.


Vinod on 1 Apr 2019
Can you tell me more:
  • What functionality of MATLAB are you using on MathWorks maintained ThingSpeak servers today?
  • What need does the local hosting of ThingSpeak inside your corporate LAN provide you that is not available on ?
  • How do you anticipate the management, scaling and day-to-day maintainence of ThingSpeak within your local install?
  • Where do you get the version of ThingSpeak you intend to install and run on your corporate LAN?
James Guang
James Guang on 11 Apr 2019
Thank you for your reply, Vinod.
Answers to your questions:
  1. Yes, we already use for learning.
  2. We used some statistics functions in
  3. Normally corporations have some managerial data which can be only accessed within their own LAN. We want to do some analysis using IoT data transfered to local Thingspeak server against those magagerial data. Also, we want user control of the analysis. For example, some lower level users can only perform limited analysis.
  4. Yes, we have experience to manage local server.
  5. We got Thinkspeak server on Github and have not installed yet.
PTW: We are a software company, not end user. We are evaluating the feasibility to use thingspeak+Mathworks as a software developing platform to construct enterprise IoT solution to our clients.
Thanks again.

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Accepted Answer

Vinod on 15 Apr 2019
Hi James,
At this time the GitHub version of ThingSpeak contains the data collection engine and some charting.
If you are looking for the expanded features of ThingSpeak on then I would recommend getting in touch with sales using the "Contact Us" button on this page:


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James Guang
James Guang on 18 Apr 2019
Thanks, Vinod. Great help.
I will contact them accordingly.


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