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Does variable size definition affect SIMULINK performance? Vector vs Scalar

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I have a SIMULINK simulation and as I understand if a define the size of a I/O as let's say it, 3, it means it is a vector, but SIMULINK recognizes that it only has one dimension.
Now, if I declare the I/O as [3 1], it is also a vector but this time it has two dimensions. More over signals defined with 3 and signal with [3 1] cannot be used together in some cases.
So, my question is: which way should I use? Does SIMULINK performance is affected by this convention?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Apr 2019
There are portions of Simulink that treat an explicit dimension of 1 as meaning "variable length". So [3 1] might be interpreted as a 2D array that is 3 rows and an indefinite number of columns.

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