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How to change arena size in Robotics Playground?

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I'm trying to prepare an assignment for my students. Robotics Playground is a good option to visualize the results.
However I couldn't change the arena size in Mechanics Explorer. It gives the dimensions as in the screenshot below.
To make the long story short, how can I make custom arenas for Robotics Playground?

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MathWorks Student Competitions Team
If you are using the MATLAB mlrobot object, this uses a hidden Simulink model that contains all of the environment details. To open the model just use the following command in MATLAB or you can also navigate to the Robotics Playground example models.
>> RP_MATLAB_Disc_robot
Then if you double-click in the environment block you will some environment options you can change including the arena size (see picture attached). Make sure to save the model.
Hope this helps and we are happy you find this useful! Feel free to email us as well at
Best regards,
MathWorks Student Competitions Team




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