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Plotting Space-Time Function in MATLAB?

Asked by Andong Yue on 4 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Andong Yue on 5 May 2019
How can I plot a function (x,y,t) like the following:
(max(ceil(max(0.8535533905932737,(0.5*(sin((5)*atan2(y,x)+2*PI*915.0e6*t+(3.141592653589793/2))+1)))-0.8535533905932737), 0))
in MATLAB and visualize how this function would change in time?


Andong - how are x and y determined? What should the interval for t be?
x,y form a mashgrid (a 2D space in this case, say, from -100 to 100 on each axis), t goes from, say, 0 to 1e-7. As t progresses, points on the mashgrid should evaluate to different values.

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1 Answer

Answer by Geoff Hayes
on 4 May 2019
 Accepted Answer

Andong - I'm not sure if the below is exactly what you are looking for...when I tried it, it wasn't entirely obvious the changes over time (perhaps there aren't many?).
[X,Y] = meshgrid(-100:100,-100:100);
for t = 0:100
Z = (max(ceil(max(0.8535533905932737,(0.5*(sin((5)*atan2(Y,X)+2*pi*915.0e6*t+(3.141592653589793/2))+1)))-0.8535533905932737), 0));
%view([-90 90]);


Greff, you did not use the "hold on" command so the plot was over written every loop. Your answer was really close actually, I got the following plot with t = 100e-9:
which was what I expected. The only thing is that I want to see how the plot change in t in the form of an animation. Do you by chance know how to do that?
The shape is expected to rotate clockwise as t increases.
Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks for your help.

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