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How to remove invalid left hand side of assignment, invalid "=" usage might be invalid matlab syntax and invalid character(s) in my code? Because this is my final project so i need to submit this. Really need help algorithm also attached.

Asked by Hamza Pervaiz on 15 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Titus Edelhofer on 17 May 2019
Seeking help. how to remove errors in code?
please help me to solve this. thanks in advance
Mobile device set: \mathcal {N}=\{1,2,\cdots,N\};
Transmission prower to MBS: \{p_{i}^{M}},i \in\mathcal{N};
Transmission prower to SBS: \{p_{i}^{S}},i \in\mathcal{N};
Computation tasks: T_{i}=\{d_{i},c_{i},t_{i}^{max}}, i\in\mathcal{N};
Categorized device sets: \mathcal{G}_{L}=\mathcal{G}_{O}=\mathcal{G}_{R}=\ emptyset;
for (i\in\mathcal{N})
t_{i}^{L}=c_{i}/f_{i}^{L}; %local time
e_{i}^{L}=c_{i}\delta_{i}^{L}; % local energy consumption
if (t_{i}^{L} > t_{i}^{max})
i\Rightarrow \mathcal{G}_{R};
elseif (t_{i}^{L} <= t_{i}^{max})
if (e_{i}^{L}< min\{p_{i}^{M}\left\lceil{n_{o}^{M}}\right \rceil ,p_{i}^{S}\left\lceil{n_{o}^{S}}}\right\rceil\ + c_{i}\delta^{R})
i\Rightarrow \mathcal {G}_{L};
i\Rightarrow \ mathcal {G}_{O};
  1. Error: File: first_algorithm1st.m Line: 6 Column:
Invalid use of operator.
2.Error: File: first_algorithm1st.m Line: 7 Column: 10
parse error at "=": usage might be invalid
3..Error: File: first_algorithm1st.m Line: 8 Column: 10
parse error at "=": usage might be invalid
4.line : 10,13,16 shows invalid character(s)

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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 16 May 2019
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With a whole bunch of speculation as to what the notation means:
Mobile_device_set = 1..N;
Transmission_prower_to_MBS = p_(1:N, M):
Transmission_prower_to_SBS = p_(1:N, S);
for i = 1 : N
Computation_tasks_T_{i} = {d_(i), c_(i), t_(i,max)};
Categorized_device_sets_G_L = [];
Categorized_device_sets_G_O = [];
Categorized_device_sets_G_R = [];
for i = 1 : N
t_(i,L) = c_(i) ./ f_(i,L); %local time
e_(i,L) = c_(i) .* delta_(i,L); % local energy consumption
if t_(i,L) > t_(i,max)
Categorized_device_sets_G_R = union(Categorized_device_sets_G_R, i);
elseif t_(i,L) <= t_(i,max)
if (e_(i,L) < min\{p_{i}^{M}\left\lceil{n_{o}^{M}}\right \rceil ,p_{i}^{S}\left\lceil{n_{o}^{S}}}\right\rceil\ + c_{i}\delta^{R}) %I could not figure out how to translate this line
Categorized_device_sets_G_L = union(Categorized_device_sets_G_L, i);
Categorized_device_sets_G_O = union(Categorized_device_sets_G_O, i);
Parts of this make no sense. For example the only time i\Rightarrow \ mathcal {G}_{O}; can be encountered is if some variables are NaN, since NaN is the only case on the reals where (A>B) and (A<=B) can both be false.

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thank you so much Sir i realy realy thank full to you for your time and help.

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Answer by Geoff Hayes
on 15 May 2019

Hamza - has your code been formatted for LaTeX? Is that why there are references to mathcal? What is N supposed to be defined as? An array of some kind?
The errors seem to be related to your formatting so please remove the LaTeX references so that you have MATLAB code only.


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@Hamza, can you please delete that attached PDF. As it clearly says on it: republication/redistribution requires IEEE permission
thank you Sir . you are a great person. Thanks again for your time and help.
Dear Hamza, if you are requested to implement your algorithm in MATLAB for your degree then you probably have to learn some basics of MATLAB. Take a look at the Getting Started chapter (or the video on the right hand side of the website). Try to implement the algorithm and come back to this forum to ask for specific help.
Best Regards,

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