Issues with .emf and .svg export to word (for 3D surface plots)

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I can not export vector graphics properly to MS word. My 3D surface plots are grainy and not scalable:
It works perfectly with normal 2D plots though:
I've tried to change Renderer from 'opengl' to 'painters' but it doesn't help. I've tried to print my document and also exported it to PDF to check, if the problem maybe only appers on the screen, yet it looks as bad printed on paper, as it does in word.
What could I try next?

Answers (1)

Richard Quist
Richard Quist on 28 Nov 2021
You don't say how you are exporting but the following should work, assuming fig is the handle to your figure:
% in R2020a or later - create file in current directory:
exportgraphics(fig, 'output.emf', 'ContentType', 'vector');
% in R2020a or later - copy to clipboard
copygraphics(fig, 'ContentType', 'vector');
% You can also use the print command to create the file:
print(fig, '-dmeta', '-painters', 'output.emf');
% ... or copy to the clipboard
print(fig, '-dmeta', '-painters');
exportgraphics (and copygraphics) were introduced in R2020a. exportgraphics does not currently support SVG format so you would need to use the print command if that is the output format you want.




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