delete some matrix in cell with condition

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Let's say I have 2 cells, & these 2 cells have relationship(cell_A and cell_B always have same dimension; mean: they have same number of matrix):
cell_A : 1x2 cell class
cell_A={[matrix_A1] [matrix_A2]};%contain 2 matrices
cell_A={[5x3 double] [2x3 double] }={[1 1 1;2 2 2;3 3 3;4 4 4;5 5 5] [11 11 11;0 0 0]};
cell_B : 1x2 cell class
cell_B={[matrix_B1] [matrix_B2]};%contain 2 matrices
cell_B={[4x1 double] [3x1 double] }={[100;6;22;33] [1;5;9]};
Now, i want to use the value in each matrices of cell_B to check corresponding matrix in cell_A.
If any value(vector) in matrix of cell_B is larger than predefined value(10). So, corresponding matrix in cell_A will be maintained.
Example: matrix_B1 have four value: 100;6;22;33. There are exist at least one value larger than 10. So, matrix_A1 will be maintained
matrix_B1 have three value: 1;5;9. There are exist NO value larger than 10. So, matrix_A2 will be deleted
result_cell={[5x3 double]}={[1 1 1;2 2 2;3 3 3;4 4 4;5 5 5]};%after delete some matrix in cell_A

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Jun 2019
result_cell = A(cellfun(@(Bent) any(Bent(:)>Threshold), B));

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