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Heat transfer question in pde toolbox

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Shengyue Shan
Shengyue Shan on 25 Jun 2019
Commented: Shengyue Shan on 26 Jun 2019
Hello all,
I have a question about using pde toolbox for heat transfer analysis. I used
to create the heat transfer model for analysis. And it seems that MATLAB solves heat transfer equations where only thermal conductivity is temperature-dependent as shown in the examples, and the equation is in the form
But I defined all of density, specific heat and thermal conductivity as temperature dependent. Will MATLAB provide a correct solution?
Any explanation or reference will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much!


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Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar on 26 Jun 2019
Yes, all the three properties can be defined as function of temperature. This will make the problem highly nonlinear, existance of a solution and solver's aility to converge to it need to tested on individual case.

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Shengyue Shan
Shengyue Shan on 26 Jun 2019
Hi Ravi,
Thank you very much for your answer. Do you happen to know whether there are any references for the confirmation of solutions?
Thanks a lot!
Best regards,

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