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Failure to untar() a *.tar.gz file

Asked by Chris Endemann on 2 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Chris Endemann on 24 Jul 2019
For some reason, I am unable to untar a handful of random *.tar.gz files using Matlab's untar() function.
My error message is as follows:
"Error using untar (line 82)
In 'MATLAB:untar:invalidTarFile', data type supplied is incorrect for parameter {0}."
These are local files with no URL involved. I can untar manually just fine using 7zip. Please advise.


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1 Answer

Answer by Yogesh Khurana on 24 Jul 2019

untar() only accepts character vector or scalar string as data-types for the filename. Please check the data-type of filename you are sending to the function.
For more information please refer to following link:

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I am handing the function a character vector in all cases.

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