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Get the indices of surface triangle from a tetrahedral mesh.

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Tianshu Yu
Tianshu Yu on 7 Jul 2019
Answered: Jyotsna Talluri on 1 Aug 2019
I used the function generateMesh() to generate a 3D tetrahedral mesh (quadratic model). I want to create a matrix TRI. Each row of TRI contains indices into the X,Y, and Z vertex vectors to define a single triangular face. I want to use this matrix TRI to define a triangulted surface of the origonal mesh, so that I can use other function such as tri contour to get a contour plot of the tetrahedral mesh. Is there anyway to do that? I have browsed a lot of tools but none of them provide a way to procduce the matrix TRI.
Below is my code of generation of a typical 3D tetrahedral mesh.
model = createpde;
importGeometry(model, 'virus_3.stl');
mesh = generateMesh(model);
Below is my meshdata. If anyone also happens to know a easy way to make a contour out of this mesh, it will be very helpful as well.


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