How do I preallocate a struct array from the importdata function (In a loop)

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Alex on 31 Aug 2012
Hi, I would like to preallocate my data space that comes from the importdata command, but I am having trouble because it is just a little too complicated for me. After I run the importdata in the loop I end up with:
x =
1x10 struct array with fields: data textdata is a 21x1248 double array
x.textdata is a 4x22 cell array
This comes from something similar to:
for fnum=1:10
fname=sprintf('file%02d.csv', fnum);
x(fnum)=importdata(fname, ',', 4);
what is the command I should run to preallocate this structure array?

Answers (1)

Albert Yam
Albert Yam on 31 Aug 2012

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