Report generator only showing names of the objects instead of their content

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Jack Arnoldi
Jack Arnoldi on 16 Jul 2019
Answered: Rahul Singhal on 25 Jul 2019
Hello everyone!
I have a code generating a full report but I want to add an image in the header so I created a template and tried out. But now the word file only gives me the name of the objects in the report and not the actual content like this:
Do anyone know where does this problem comes from?
My code is
rpt = Document('Report','docx', 'template.dotx');
%% title page generation
tp = TitlePage;
tp.Title = 'Report';
tp.Subtitle = 'This report is generated from the test.';
tp.Author = 'Jack'
append(rpt, tp);
%% Adding table of contents
append(rpt, TableOfContents);
%% Summary of the whole regressiotest
ChapterRegression = Chapter;
ChapterRegression.Title = 'Summary';
SectionIntro = Section;
SectionIntro.Title = 'Introduction';
para = Paragraph('The test script ran all the tests.');
para.Style = {FontSize('14pt'), FirstLineIndent('0.2in')};
add(SectionIntro, para);
add(ChapterRegression, SectionIntro);
append(rpt, ChapterRegression)
My dotx template just have one Rich Text Content Control hole.
Thank you in advance!

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