What is the difference between the Report and the Document objects?

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Jack Arnoldi
Jack Arnoldi on 16 Jul 2019
Answered: Rahul Singhal on 21 Feb 2020
I am coding a to generate a report on Matlab and in the Matlab Report Generator documentation they advice at the very beginning to use the Report object to create a report.
But when you start searching for coding examples you mostly get example with the Document object.
So what are the differences between the two objects? I know there's a difference in adding child objects to it because in the Report you mostly use add but it doesn't always work with Documentwhere you have to use append but I still don't exactly know when. And also that you can't use 'moveToNextHole()' on Report...
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Osman Ciftci
Osman Ciftci on 6 Dec 2019
This is a very good question I am surprised that this is not answered yet. I would like to find out about the answer as well.

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