How to select numbers?

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Pari on 17 Jul 2019
Answered: Pari on 17 Jul 2019
F=rand(400) M=rand(400) How can i select F<M ?

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Pari on 17 Jul 2019

Thanks dear friends My problem solved with index :)

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infinity on 17 Jul 2019
You can simply type
F = rand(3)
M = rand(3)
result = F(F<M)
infinity on 17 Jul 2019
What do you mean when compare Tm and Tf when each element of them are complex number?
Assume when we obtain element of Tm that smaller than Tf, what do you mean by
"sum these numbers for A= sum(Tm)/sum(Tf)" ?

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Jan on 17 Jul 2019
F = rand(1,400);
M = rand(1,400);
Tf = log(-F) / 0.73;
Tm = log(-M) / 1.2;
It is hard to guess, what this means: "I should select Tm<Tf and sum these numbers for A= sum(Tm)/sum(Tf)". Perhaps:
index = (Tm < Tf);
A = sum(Tm(index)) / sum(Tf(index))

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