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How can I use "spy" at AppDesigner

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I'd like use "spy" type graph at appdesigner.
So I called "spy" function to draw the result in the appdesigner but it was drawn on the other window.
questions :
  1. Does appdesigner support "spy" ?
  2. if not, how can I use spy type graph at appdesigner?
appreciate if I have any help.


Giuseppe Bellisano
Giuseppe Bellisano on 13 Aug 2019
I simply used in my app designer code:
Figures (1);
spy (A);
The problem is that the graph is drawn in a different window
Geunbae Kim
Geunbae Kim on 14 Aug 2019
You can solve it the below answer.
Now I can draw "spy" type graph in the same application of appdesigner.

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Accepted Answer

Abhilash Padma
Abhilash Padma on 1 Aug 2019
1)App designer doesn’t support “Spy” directly.
2)You can use the plot in app designer to draw spy type graph. See the following code where I have used plot to draw “spy” type graph which may help solve your problem.
[i,j] = find(S);
[m,n] = size(S);
xlabel(ax,['nz = ' int2str(nnz(S))]);
set(ax,'xlim',[0 n+1],'ylim',[0 m+1],'ydir','reverse','plotboxaspectratio',[n+1 m+1 1]);

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Geunbae Kim
Geunbae Kim on 14 Aug 2019
As your instruction, I could plot spy type graph in the appdesigner.
I appreciate your guide.

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