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How can make a vector from a structure?

Asked by Austin Scheinkman on 19 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Austin Scheinkman on 19 Jul 2019
I have this structure from a data set I was sent and have to make a simple scatter plot with di and from the field 100 and yi from field 100. How do I turn each of those things into vectors so I can in turn plot them up. Im brand new to matlab so this is quite confusing to me any help would be great.


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Answer by Image Analyst
on 19 Jul 2019
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T(100).xi already IS a vector. You can simply use it as x:
plot(T(100).xi, T(100).yi, 'b-');
grid on;
Or you can take all of the 1000 from elements from all of the 1011 structures in your "T" structure array with brackets:
all_xi = [T.xi];
all_yi = [T.yi];
scatter(all_xi, all_yi);
grid on;

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Dude thanks so much. Your fuckin awesome.

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