How to save nested cells in mat file

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Sanjana Sankar
Sanjana Sankar on 2 Aug 2019
Commented: Sanjana Sankar on 19 Aug 2019
I want to save data in such a way that a cell holds another cell array.
My main table will consist of cells, each of which will hold 24 cell arrays of size 1X63. How to save data in such a manner?
The idea is that I am encoding a words with numbers
For example. If my word is Aalen, A = 1x63 vector, a = 1x63 vector, l = 1x63 vector, e=1x63 vector, n=1x63 vector.
So for each word in my list, I waant to save a vector for each letter in the word.
Rik on 19 Aug 2019
Something like this will still work. You will either have a library with a lot of empty cells, or you need to have an extra lookup table step.

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Accepted Answer

Rik on 19 Aug 2019
The code below is probably what you need (or close to it). If letters are used that are not in the letterlist, then an error will occur, because the ind variable will contain a 0.
%all(?) letters used in German:
letterlist=['a':'z' 'A':'Z' ...
char([196 203 207 214 220 223 228 235 239 246 252])];
%generate a library with random entries as an example
for n=1:numel(letterlist)
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Sanjana Sankar
Sanjana Sankar on 19 Aug 2019
Thank you Rik! I have to one-hot the letters. But otherwise this code is exactly what I need. I can work with this. :)

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Mohammad on 19 Aug 2019
You can create nested cell in following manner:
N = 5;
A = {cell(1,N)};
for k = 1:N
A{k} = rand(1,63);
You can also convert a string into a cell array of letters the following way:
S = num2cell('Aalen');

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